KW-45-2017: #Leonard Cohen #book_of_memories – Moments Of Memories (part 74/ 82) – Meeting Leonard On The Road/ MARY AAFTINK. „In 2017, now there are 21 years of German Website on Leonard Cohen `s Life & Work: & & ### celebrates a new section called: #book_of_memories


The photo was taken on November 13th, 2009 in San Jose, California. I had been at the Las Vegas concert the night before and had flown to San Jose with a crowd of other Cohenites. By luck I was staying at the same hotel as Leonard and arrived at the same time as him and the band. The photo was taken by Albert Noonan, videographer extraordinaire!74-cohenpedia-headsite-in_MEMORY_OF_LEONARDCOHEN-MARY_AAFTINK_No-74-by-Christof_Graf