KW-43-2018: NEW EDITION of: #BOOK_OF_LONGING by Leonard Cohen is out.

Book of Longing Limited Edition: Poems (Englisch) Gebundenes Buch – Rauer Buchschnitt, 17. Oktober 2017

A limited edition, one-time printing of Leonard Cohen’s best and most iconic book of poems

Book of Longing has exceptional range. It is clear yet steamy, cosmic yet private, both playful and profound.”–New York Times

Leonard Cohen wrote the poems in Book of Longing—his first book of poetry in more than twenty years after 1984’s Book of Mercy—during his five-year stay at a Zen monastery on Southern California’s Mount Baldy, and in Los Angeles, Montreal, and Mumbai. This dazzling collection is enhanced by the author’s playful and provocative drawings, which interact in exciting, unexpected ways on the page with poetry that is timeless, meditative, and often darkly humorous.

An international sensation, Book of Longing contains all the elements that have brought Cohen’s artistry with language worldwide recognition.