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Leonard Cohen: An Illustrated Record (Englisch) Taschenbuch

For more than four decades, Leonard Cohen’s mournful ballads of desire, heartbreak and lost faith have captivated audiences the world over. Now more popular than ever, the award-winning Canadian songwriter, novelist and poet is revered as a cultural icon and master of his craft.

Published to coincide with Cohen’s 80th birthday in September 2014, this is the first complete guide to his studio and live albums — from his studio debut, Songs of Leonard Cohen (1967), to his most recent record, Old Ideas (2012). Offering a comprehensive overview of each LP — from writing and recording through to release and legacy — Leonard Cohen: An Illustrated Record is a richly illustrated tribute to the body of recorded work that has made Cohen a legend in his own lifetime.


Publishers Weekly (on The Beatles: Paperback Writer): ‘Evans, editor of this outstanding compendium of Beatles writing, has an eye for the relevant, the telling and the truthful, as well as the acumen to organize these accounts in a way that best tells a story. ’

Hunter Davies (Official Beatles Biographer): ‘Excellent, revealing and amusing. An invaluable collection which will be enjoyed by all. ’

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