KW-05-2019: #House_of_Cohen – #Perla_Batalla on Tour 2019 – upcoming 2019 projects

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HAPPY NEWS! For immediate release, #Perla_Batalla wrote on January 25, 2019 on her official FACEBOOK-Account:

„Perla Batalla, Grammy-nominated recording artist and Leonard Cohen collaborator, is pleased to announce her partnership with industry veteran Hannah Breschard and the Hannah Lulu Organization. Breschard will represent Batalla as a personal manager in all professional pursuits.

Ms. Batalla has just conquered Europe on her sold-out tour “Perla Batalla in the House of Cohen.“ Her upcoming 2019 projects include a collaborative album with Canadian songwriting legend John Cody, a PBS concert performance special, and additional European and North American tours. Hannah Breschard Rachel Cohen Cadence Arts Network, Inc. Elisabet Casanova Claud Mann Perla Batalla John Cody“