KW-14-2019: Bob Dylan tritt im 50. Jahr nach #Woodstock nach 13 Jahren erstmals wieder beim „europäischen Woodstock-Festival“ im dänischen #Roskilde auf: 3. Juli 2019

Bob Dylan and Rosalía to play Roskilde Festival 2019
Bob Dylan is back at the Danish non-profit festival. Other new acts include Catalan star Rosalía, Led Zeppelin icon Robert Plant, Phil Anselmo playing Pantera with The Illegals, Underworld, Lemaitre and many more. A total of 32 artists have been added to the programme.
More than 180 music acts will play Roskilde Festival 2019. The Cure, Cardi B, Robyn, Travis Scott, Christine and the Queens, Jorja Smith, Tears for Fears and many more have already been announced, and they will be joined by 32 new artists from all over the world.

Ladies and gentlemen, Bob Dylan
The master, the icon, the legend of legends. Bob Dylan finally returns to Roskilde Festival for the first time since 2006.

Bob Dylan initially reinterpreted folk music and became the new face of protest music in America by giving a voice to those who were neglected and ignored. The courageous songwriter famously „went electric“ in 1965 and continued to evolve, finding new ways to express himself both lyrically, artistically and politically.

Bob Dylan remains one of the most influential songwriters of all time. He received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2016 for his massive contribution to popular culture and his powerful use of lyrics as an artform in itself. Classics such as Like a Rolling Stone, The Times They Are A-Changin‘, Boots of Spanish Leather, Blowin‘ in the Wind, A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall, Subterranean Homesick Blues, Mr. Tambourine Man, Girl from the North Country, Lay Lady Lay, Knockin‘ On Heaven’s Door and countless others serve as proof of exactly that.

Bob Dylan With His Band will play the largest festival in Northern Europe on Wednesday 3 July.

From flamenco to Persian pop, from Greenland to Jamaica
Pop music is changing. New genre hybrids are conquering the charts, and Catalan star Rosalía is the ultimate symbol of this. 25-year-old Rosalía combines traditional flamenco with modern pop and R&B. Her lyrics are in Spanish, but her fans are global, earning her numerous spots on year-end lists all over the world for her 2018 album El Mal Querer.

She has worked with James Blake and Pharrell, and she may very well enjoy her major breakthrough in 2019. The uncompromising talent is there, and the world seems ready for something new.

From Greenland to Jamaica, from Israel to Belize, the new additions to Roskilde Festival span five continents with artists from 16 different countries. Nanook is one of the biggest bands in Greenland, Liraz updates the golden era of Iranian pop music, Tássia Reis from Brazil creates unique rap jazz and The Garifuna Collective is the first band from Belize ever to play Roskilde Festival.

Head of programme Anders Wahrén says of the new additions:

„Few artists have had such a profound influence on music and popular culture as Bob Dylan. To many of our young festival-goers, this will be their first chance to witness an artist who has changed the course of music as much as he has.“

„It’s crucial for us to present a line-up with great music from all over the world. Rosalía is a perfect example of a popstar who makes global pop music in an age when genre and language barriers mean less, and the way she effortlessly mixes classic flamenco with pop and hip-hop is testament to her brilliance and the curiosity of millions of listeners out there.“

The legacy of Led Zeppelin and Pantera
Robert Plant has played a significant part in rock music as we know it. He formed Led Zeppelin more than 50 years ago and started an adventurous solo career in 1982 that has spawned 11 albums, including the acclaimed latest effort Carry Fire from 2017. He will bring his band The Sensational Space Shifters to Roskilde with an eclectic mix of world music, psychedelic folk and American blues – without forgetting a few Led Zeppelin classics.

Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals will bring a show of exclusively classic Pantera material. Australian tongue twisters Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever offer sunshine and jangling indie rock whereas Canadian collective Crack Cloud delivers danceable post-punk with a kraut influence. Things are bound to get loud with bass-heavy noise rockers Whores.

Fans of electronic music will have plenty to look forward to with Underworld, Amnesia Scanner from Finland, Norwegian sensation Lemaitre, prolific producer Throwing Snow and Danish ambient electronic mastermind Croatian Amor.

Art distorting the senses
The four additions to the Arts & Activism programme are all about sensing and dreams. They were recently exhibited at the biennial in Riga. Together, they will constitute a sensorium at Roskilde Festival, focusing on smell, taste, touch and sound.

Artists such as Berlin-based Viron Erol Vert and Marisa Benjamim from Portugal will make sure the festival-goers can’t afford to miss sensory experiences such as a taste laboratory on wheels, an interactive museum of smells, a golden amber chamber and a waterbed that includes underwater reproduction.

The following 32 artists are announced today:


Nordic talent programme


Arts & Activism programme


83 music acts have now been announced for Roskilde Festival 2019, including The Cure, Cardi B, Robyn, Travis Scott, Christine and the Queens, Jorja Smith and Tears for Fears. About half of the music acts are yet to be revealed with 97 still to be revealed.

  • Tickets to Roskilde Festival are for sale on
  • Full festival tickets are DKK 2100 (approx. EUR 282) (including free access to camping).
  • One-day tickets are DKK 1050 (approx. EUR 141), only a limited number available for each of the final four festival days.
  • A total of 180 acts will play the festival’s eight stages.
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Roskilde Festival 2019 lasts for eight days between Saturday 29 June and Saturday 6 July.

About Roskilde Festival:
Roskilde Festival is 100 % non-profit. All profits are donated to social and cultural charities by the Roskilde Festival Charity Society. The festival is right next to the Danish capital of Copenhagen and easily connected by train, bus and flight (Copenhagen Airport).

With more than 180 music acts in the line-up performing on eight stages and over 130,000 passionate music lovers gathered for a full week, Roskilde Festival is one of the most unique festival experiences in the world. A position the festival has held since the early 1970s.

The full festival journey in Roskilde is an eight-day exploration of music, artistic expression, delicious food, sustainability, love, community and party.

Don`t forget:


Roskilde Festival has a constant focus on safety, security and emergency management. We are working closely with the police and the authorities the entire year, and our competent staff are doing everything within their power to make sure the party will be both fun and safe for everyone.

Like many other festivals and organisers, we receive a lot of questions about safety and security related to terror these days.

Roskilde Festival is like a city, and just like in any other city you will encounter things like roadblocks and uniformed police at the festival site. You will also experience pad down / body searching on various levels.

Please read on for further information on how we deal with security threats, and how we plan our work.

Assessment and planning:

When we plan Roskilde Festival, we take any potential threats into account, and our staff are both instructed and trained to do their job. The general threat of terror in Denmark is something we never take our eyes off.
On a general level, we think the festival security must be adjusted in relation to the threat. We do not wish to implement any unnecessary commotion or exacerbate anything. Accordingly, we adjust our approach to and work with security from year to year in close cooperation with Midt- og Vestsjællands Politi (the police).
The verdict of the police is that there is no change to the potential threat directed at Roskilde Festival. Like any other place where a lot of people gather, however – such as malls, city centres etc. – there is naturally a risk. This is something we take very seriously, and together with the police we have made a plan that helps us manage that threat. For obvious safety reasons, we cannot share the details in this plan.

You can read PET’s (the Danish Police Intelligence Service) official comment here (in Danish).

What can you do?

As a participant, you can do the things that you can also do when you are not at a festival:

  • Be alert and aware of your surroundings. Tell the police if you notice something suspicious and/or disturbing. Call 112 (Danish emergency number)
  • Enjoy the festival and the community

    What to do in case of accident:

  • Text your loved ones to let them know you’re OK (do not call)
  • Follow the instructions of the safety personnel
    Emergency management

With so many people gathered it is impossible to completely be rid of accidents. To prevent, aid and assist, the festival has an emergency management staff consisting of doctors, nurses, first aiders, social workers and festival service, festival safety and security personnel. Read more about these units below:

  • Medicinal team
    The medicinal team consists of about 400 doctors, nurses and first aiders in both the camping and the festival site. They can help you with everything from blisters to dehydration, and they are trained to handle all sorts of situations.
  • Social Workers
    This team consists of experienced social workers, school teachers, medicine students and nurses specialised in preventive and proactive work. They are alert and looking for anyone in need of help. The young festival-goers are their primary focus. The team also offers psychological first aid.
  • Festival Safety
    Festival Safety is close to the audience at all the shows. With drinking water, helping hands and a cool overview they make sure all concerts are both fun and safe. They are also present in other areas where focus on your safety is extra important.
  • Festival Service
    Festival Service is a diverse team whose focus is to give you a good service. This includes acting as hosts on campsites, at entrances, at restrooms and other locations.
  • Security
    The festival’s security team solves conflicts and can be called upon when the aforementioned service hosts need an extra hand.
  • Food Control
    This team makes sure all food stalls are briefed and live up to the high levels of hygiene required at the festival.

Furthermore, the Roskilde Festival participants can encounter the following informative campaigns onsite:

  • Roskilde Against Drugs: since 2003, Roskilde Festival has worked closely with the Danish Health Authority on the Against Drugs campaign. The festival also works closely with the police and social workers to prevent and manage legal aspects.
  • Less booze. More party (“Mindre druk. Mere Fest”). Created with the Danish Health Authority and Dansk Live, the ”Less booze. More party” campaign is targeted towards parents, staff/volunteers and of course the young festival-goers informing them about handling alcohol with care, whether you’re consuming or serving it.