KW-33-2019: 50 years ago: 50th Anniversary of WOODSTOCK: WOODSTOCK-Photographer Elliott Landy on Leonard Cohen: „… he was an unique artist…“ – Elliott Landy anläßlich seiner Ausstellung WOODSTOCK VISION THE SPIRIT OF A GENERATION in Karlsruhe am 7. August 2019 im Gespräch


Photo: Christof Graf



„Leonard Cohen had his own style. He brought a new way into music. He brought poetry into music, like Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, The Doors or Van Morrison did. He was singing talking, and not just singing with a melodious voice. He would have been a good fit to the Woodstock Festival. The universe is very connected. Living life is a lot of connection. With his writing he brought a beautiful poetry into music and did a new way of music. All the great artist were able to create something completely new. He was an unique artist.“