KW-51-2019: A Crack in Everything – Exhibition in Copenhagen/ Denmark – Last week Leonard Cohen-Bookauthor Silvie Simmons performed in Copenhagen – Chris Karl reports

Sylvie Simmons, whose biography of Leonard Cohen has been published in 25 languages by now and a singer-songwriter herself was GL Strand Kunstforeningen’s special guest in Copenhagen. As one of the events alongside the  “There is a Crack in Everything” exhibition she signed books, told a few stories about her work with Cohen and also performed some of his songs.

Later in the evening she was invited to the so-called „Black Diamond“, the Royal Library, where host John Owens interviewed her on stage and tried to give insights in Cohen’s work. Between the two of them they made an attempt on demystifying some of the song lyrics. The audience in a sold out library could enjoy several anecdotes of Simmons’s time as Leonard Cohen’s biographer as well two more of her songs, accompanied by her ukulele. Text & Pics: Chris Karl