KW-21-2021: Dylan & Cohen on Dylan & Cohen – Part 1 : “To me, giving that award to Dylan is like pinning a medal on Mount Everest for being the highest mountain”, said Leonard Cohen 2016 in Los Angeles. Eight comments from Dylan & Cohen on Dylan & Cohen – Part 1: Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Mount Everest – On Mount Everest there would be space for two signs: “Highest mountain in the world”. Thoughts & comments on never-ending approaches to the two greatest rock poets of our time – Bob Dylan turns 80 – articles & essays by christof graf written and published in the years 1990 – 2021 Part 1: Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen und der Mount Everest – Auf dem Mount Everest wäre Platz für zwei Schilder: „Höchster Berg der Welt“. Gedanken & Anmerkungen zu nie enden wollenden An#näherungen an die zwei größten Rockpoeten unserer Zeit – Part I – Bob Dylan wird 80 –

I was there, when Cohen told the press at that last „Evening with Leonard Cohen“ in October Los Angeles 2016.