KW-42-2021: „Everybody has a kind of magical system“ …. one of many of Leonard Cohen`s philosophical statements from the „Evening with Leonard Cohen“ in the year of 2016 in Los Angeles, where he talks about the #YOU_WANT_IT_DARKER – album, Bob Dylan, the place, where the songs come from and some more …

These are the clips of the press conference for the You Want it Darker album release that were shared on Leonard Cohen’s socials. This press conference was held on Oct 13, 2016 in Los Angeles at the Canadian consulate. Chris Douridas is the interviewer and Adam Cohen is also present.

Sharon Robinson and some guests from all over the world were invited. three weeks later Leonard Cohen died.

My audio-recording is about 35 minutes, including an introduction. On YOUTUBE you can find a 22 minutes version: