KW-27-2022: Jim Devlin is opening his archives – Ein neues Booklet über Leonard Cohen`s 1985er Various Position-Tour ist erschienen.


Leonard’s VARIOUS POSITIONS album and the 1985 tours in Europe & North America & Australia (including all known venues and set lists)

61 pages, A5, single-sided, plastic comb binding, with some black&white and some colour photographs

Limited edition of 1st and only edition (100 copies), dated March 29, 2022

You may order your copy directly from Jim Devlin. Payment via PayPal only; his account is at Please do NOT send cheques or cash in the mail!

These prices include padded envelope & postage
UK … £10 [1st class]
Europe … €15 euros [air mail]
USA … $ 20 US [air mail]
Canada … $25 canadian [air mail]
Australia … $25 australian [air mail]

Please note: Jim apologises for any Customs problems in the EU which you may encounter in having to pay something like €2 to have it ‘released’ … because of Brexit, there may be new Postal Fees in some EU countries when goods arrive there from the UK.

This is the 3rd (of 4) booklets in the series; Also still available: copies of Jim’s previous booklets – The Future (1992 album + 1993 tours); and I’m Your Man (1988 album + tours).

The 4th and last booklet in the series: Recent Songs (1979 album + tours in ’79 + ’80) is now in preparation and will be on sale later this year in November/December 2022.

KW-23-2021: new booklet by Jim Devlin is out: Before …. THE FUTURE …. and Afterward – Leonard Cohen : October 1992 – December 1993