KW-34-2023: Elvis Costello on Bob Dylan – Press Conference via ZOOM in Rome/ Italy. I asked Elvis about Bob Dylan ….

Elvis Costello on Bob Dylan….

On his 60th birthday, ELVIS COSTELLO did a ZOOM Press conference in Rome/ Italy. My Question was: What do you think about Bob Dylan`s „Rough & Rowdy Ways“-Album und when you saw him live on stage the last time? More about this press-conference (podcast) is coming soon as a podacst………here are some of his statements:

….“Why try to change me now“ (from SHADOWS IN THE NIGHT, 2015) …is the most touching song ….

… Its what hes done his whole career ….

… The last time I saw him live on stage was in Philadelphia two years ago …

… ìt`s an illustration of the development of a songwriter ….. compared to „Love Sick“ ….


Some more thoughts about Bob Dylan by Elvis Costello you can find in my book:

Vol. 12 – Bob Dylan – On The Road – Never Ending Tour 1988 – 2021