KW-02-2017: Die Februar-Ausgabe des englischen Musikmagazins UNCUT feiert Leonard Cohebn auf der Titelseite mit der Story „Leonard Cohen – A Genius Remembered“


„Leonard Cohen, David Bowie, Leon Russell and our 2017 preview all feature in the new issue of Uncut, out now and available to buy digitally.

Cohen is on the cover, and inside, David Cavanagh examines the life and work of rock’s late master poet, while Cohen’s collaborators share their intimate memories.

“A day at Leonard’s always started the same,” remembers producer and songwriter Patrick Leonard, who collaborated with Cohen during his last decade. “He would greet you at the door and he would say, ‘Have you eaten?’ At first I’d say, ‘Yeah, I just ate.’ Then I realised that wasn’t the answer. The answer was ‘No, I haven’t.’

“We would sit in the kitchen and he would make scrambled eggs or chop some salad or put a mozzarella ball in some chicken soup… It was always really special to have Leonard cook something really simple and sit and eat“, so die Beschreibung der aktuellen Ausgabe. Mehr Infos und auch bestellbar unter: