KW-42-2017: #Leonard Cohen #book_of_memories – Moments Of Memories (part 58/ 82) – „Leonard Cohen in London 2006“ – A Memory by LUISA ORTIGOSA HERNANDEZ – „In 2017, now there are 21 years of German Website on Leonard Cohen `s Life & Work: & & ### celebrates a new section called: #book_of_memories


The history. I’m from Barcelona, but bythat time I was living

in the UK (the Midlands). There was thisreunion of members

of the Leonard Cohen Files forum at the Green Note in London,

and I thoughtitwouldbegreattofinallymeet all of them in person.

So I wentthere I hadnoidea Leonard Cohen wouldbeattending a

meeting of fans in a pub. But there he went. I remember I was sitting

way at the back fromwhere the „presenters“ were, andwhen he appearedsuddenly I foundmyself at the very

first rowwithoutevenrealizing. I hadabsolutelynoideawhattotellhim, I hadneverbeen so nervous

in mylife, so I just saidthankyouforyoursongs Mr. Cohen. We took the picture, andsignedhisauthograph

forme in a tinynotebooksheet of paper a friendfrom the forumgavetome, as I hadn’tpreparedanything