KW-12-2015: +++ B R E A K I N G N E W S +++ Neues ALBUM von Leonard Cohen – das insgesamt 14. – erscheint am 2015. Titel: Can€`t Forget: A Souvenir of the Grand Tour


Das neue Cover

Der mittlerweile 80-jährige Cohen beweist auch im hohen Lebensalter eine erstaunliche Produktivität: ‚Can’t Forget‘ ist nach ‚Live in Dublin‘ eine weitere VÖ nach dem Platin-Album ‚Popular Problems‘, das übrigens bei den diesjährigen Juno Awards als ‚Album des Jahres‘ ausgezeichnet wurde. Mit der Intimität eines Cohen-Konzerts, der Spontaneität des Soundchecks mit seinen Musikern – die ihn zu diesem Konzeptalbum inspirierten – hören wir intime und emotionale Versionen ausgewählter Songs, darunter 2 brandneue Kompositionen ‚Never Gave Nobody Trouble‘ und ‚Got a Little Secret‘ sowie 2 bisher nie gehörte Coverversionen ‚La Manic‘ (Georges Dor) und ‚Choices‘ (George Jones). Aufgenommen auf der weltweiten ‚Old Ideas World Tour‘ 2012/2013, wobei auch Ausschnitte aus den deutschen Shows in Mönchengladbach 6.9.2012 ‚NIght Comes In‘ und Hamburg 14.7.2013 ‚Stages‘ zu hören sind. Ferner dabei faszinierende Live Versionen von ‚Field Commander Cohen‘, ‚I Can’t Forget‘, ‚Light As The Breeze‘ und ‚Joan Of Arc‘.

(Toronto, ON – March 17, 2015) Leonard Cohen releases Can€`t Forget: A Souvenir of the Grand Tour on May 12, 2015 (8. Mai 2015 in Deutschland). The ten songs of this hypnotic album are Cohen rarities recorded on his recent, celebrated „Old Ideas World Tour.“ Remarkably, this is Cohen’s third album release since last September’s Platinum selling Popular Problems which garnered four 2015 JUNO AWARD nominations and won for the coveted ‘Album of the Year.


 The songs on Can`€™t Forget have the immediacy, spontaneity, and thrilling intimacy of the best studio recordings made in the white heat of live performance and Cohen’s legendary soundchecks, in which he brings the colors of his virtuoso band to full bloom in harmony with his voice, never more seductive. Here is a full range of Leonard Cohen’s work: new songs including, from the realm of blues, the wickedly funny „Got a Little Secret“ and „Never Gave Nobody Trouble“; luxurious performances of such Cohenmasterpieces as „I Can’t Forget,“ „Light As the Breeze,“ „Night Comes On,“ and a sublime „Joan of Arc“. Cohen also treats us to a gripping version of the Quebecois love song „La Manic,“ performed before a captivated audience in Quebec City, and a moving tribute cover of the late country master George Jones’s „Choices.“ These are songs and performances of the first order that you can’t forget.


Art by Leonard Cohen

Can`€™t Forget is available for pre-order at all digital service providers, where fans will receive „Never Gave Nobody Trouble“ instantly with purchase.

Cohen’s live concert tours were met with extraordinary and unanimous accolades as he performed around the world from 2008 through 2013. His mesmerizing performances totaled 470 shows in 31 countries, attended by four million fans. Can’t Forget gives listeners an extremely special glimpse into Cohen’s intimate rehearsal process, widely known to be in-depth ‘concerts before the concert!,’ heard by fans for the first time with this new record. Cohen continues to work with vocalists, musicians, producers and engineers who are the best in the business.

Can`t Forget: A Souvenir of the Grand Tour Tracklisting:

1. Field Commander Cohen

2. I Can`€™t Forget

3. Light as the Breeze

4. La Manic ++ (originally by Georges Dor)

5. Night Comes On

6. Never Gave Nobody Trouble ***

7. Joan of Arc

8. Got a Little Secret ***

9. Choices ++ (originally by George Jones)

10. Stages

*** New original Leonard Cohen songs

++ Covers never previously recorded by Cohen